52 Weeks of Disability

A lot of people (myself included) don’t know much about disability until it happens to them, or to someone they love.

Despite the fact that around 15% of the world’s population are disabled, issues affecting disabled people aren’t widely discussed  or understood, which is why I’m making 2018 my own personal Year of Disability.

Say What?

The project is simple. Every week from January 1st, I’ll read one book on disability – from academic texts, to representations in the media, to disabled characters in fiction – and write a series of reviews, features, and summaries of what I’ve learnt.

My aim is to champion disability issues, and get rid of the idea abled people have that disability is a bad word. And what’s more – you can get involved, too!

Help a Girl Out

I’ll be looking for recommendations on books to read from now until the start of the year, so get in touch and let me know what I should be reading!

  • Is there an essay by a great activist you love?
  • A perfect text on the different models of disability?
  • An amazing novel that gets disability representation right (or wrong)?
  • Or even a book that just made you think?

No matter what it is, I’d love to read it.

*Even though anyone can get involved, for obvious reasons I’m looking primarily for recommendations from disabled people, first and foremost.