Let’s Go Treasure Hunting

January 25, 2016

For me, travel is a symptom of unrest. It’s the response to that feeling you get when you’re sitting in an office, staring out of the window at a grey concrete car park that’s being pebble-dashed by sleet, and you’re wondering why on earth you’re there.

That’s depressing in a very real way, isn’t it? I’m sorry, because I didn’t mean it to be.

My point is that no-one has to have the life I just described above. Some people love office work. They love the stability of it, the comfort of the routine. They enjoy it because it can be fixed or flexible, and perhaps they have partners and children who more than make up for the fact that even though they don’t love their job, they certainly don’t hate it either.

That is absolutely great. That is wonderful, because every single person is different and the fear-inducing merry-go-round of the office that I hate, will necessarily be comforting for someone else.

Making a Change

If it isn’t, though, then why are you there? That’s easy for me to say, I suppose. I’m in my mid-twenties, I have no dependents, and I’m free to come and go from a job or a city as I please. If you’re not though, and you find yourself feeling the way I just described, then it isn’t insurmountable. It can be easy to recapture that sense of joy and excitement in your own day-to-day life.

Talented Friends

Which brings me to the title of this piece and the tagline for Tiny Meets World: Let’s Go Treasure Hunting.

Do you remember going treasure hunting as a child? Not even for anything in particular, but just because the act of searching for something was joyful, even if you never found it? That is still the kind of excitement that going somewhere different or meeting someone new holds for me, and because of this I borrowed the tagline from my friend Dan to represent just that.

Dan is an incredibly talented performance poet, and I’ve heard him perform his piece Let’s Go Treasure Hunting at a number of slams and scratch nights over the years. No matter how many times I hear it, it still gives me shivers.

So if you were wondering where Let’s Go Treasure Hunting has been taken from – and even if you weren’t – you can hear my far more talented friend perform it for you now, and I’ll shut up and let you listen.


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