Who’s Tiny

Hello! And welcome to this strange little amalgamation of a disability, book, and travel blog.

I’m Tiny, also known as Laura.

Discovering my soulmate is an alpaca

This site’s changed a lot since I first set it up in 2015. Back then I had some very grand plans to travel the world on a budget, mostly by train and boat, but my twenties haven’t exactly gone according to plan!

Since the glory days of those pipe dreams, my health has worsened, and alongside my lifelong episodic ataxia, I now have chronic dizziness, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain, which are all being investigated by various specialists across the UK.

With travel and full-time work off the menu for a while (although not, I hope, forever) this blog, like its owner, has had to adapt and change with the times. That’s why you’ll now find, not only travel articles from when I was a healthier version of myself, but also thoughts on travel and accessibility, disability literature, book reviews, and my newest project, starting January, 2018: 52 Weeks of Disability, where I’ll be reading a book a week focused on disability, and sharing what I learn with you.

Come along for the ride!

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