Who’s Tiny

Hello! Thanks for visiting the site while I try and make this exploring lark a valid option for a little while.

I don’t like the kind of travel blogs that assume you have to be an adventure expert or look incredible in a bikini to write about exciting experiences in new places. So this website is for the ‘normal’ people; people without loads of money, without a great deal of expertise and without an unholy knowledge of fashion and makeup, who just want to see more.

If that sounds like you then hopefully you’ll find something here to make travel seem like something that’s not only possible, but one day really will happen.

And if for the moment you’re just living vicariously then that’s fine too! Have a click about and see what I’ve been doing, and maybe I can help you to do the same.

We’ve got to pretend to be grown-ups all the time, anyway. Why don’t we try and have fun with it?

Come on. Let’s go treasure hunting.